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Tom and BeckyTorah Class is an independent, non-denominational organization of gentile Christians and Messianic Jews who meet to learn Torah and Old Testament (Tanach) from a Biblical and Messianic perspective, and then apply our understanding to the works of Messiah (Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach) in the New Testament and ultimately to our lives and personal relationship with the God of Israel. We are part of Seed of Abraham Ministries, Inc. of Florida, a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization. As friends and advocates of Israel and the Jewish people we have established and support a variety of ministries to Israel.

Our 7-fold mission is to: 1) worship and study the whole Word of God in spirit and truth, 2) recover the foundational patterns and principles of the bible as exhibited in the 1st generation church, 3) revitalize Torah principles in our lives and hearts in light of the advent of Jesus, 4) bless (and be blessed by) Israel, the land and the people, 5) break down the wall of division between Jew and gentile, 6) restore the pure spirit and basic purpose of the earliest Messianic movement that began with Jews and expanded to include gentiles (the Church) following the death and resurrection of Our Savior Yeshua (Jesus) and 7) to make available to others around the world, at no cost, the teachings and lessons of Torah Class and the works of outstanding and godly Bible and Torah scholars, academics, Rabbis, Teachers, and writers.

NOTICE! All TorahClass.com material is copyrighted. However it is permitted to copy, duplicate and distribute the audio, graphic and text presentations provided all material is attributed to TorahClass.com and it complies with our copyright terms. None of this material may be duplicated for the purpose of selling.


Our congregation leader, founder and teacher is Tom Bradford. He is a lifelong Believer and former S&P 500 senior executive who retired early in life when the Lord inspired Tom with an unquenchable passion for Israel and the Holy Scriptures, and a love for the Jewish people. Tom spent several years in intense Scripture study being mentored along the way by Jewish Torah scholars and Christian academics and pastors. He has poured over countless volumes of works of the learned Christian Scholars and the great Hebrew sages and Rabbis. His formal university education began with study in Archeology and Egyptology before he became a Business major, which propelled his former career in the Hi-Tech field.

Tom and his wife Becky have explored Egypt, regularly spend time in Israel leading tours, teaching and ministering to the Israelis, have visited Jordan and Gaza and traveled extensively to all the continents except Australia. Tom studied Hebrew and Torah, was educated in the New Testament and taught Adult Bible Study for two decades and Torah for over 10 years, written several seminars on various Biblical topics, appears weekly on Christian radio, speaks to Church and civic groups, and lectures from time to time at local institutes of higher education on Middle Eastern affairs, Israel, the Bible, and Islam. Becky is a counselor to the women of Torah Class, mentor to the young people, an experienced children’s bible teacher and an integral and indispensable part of their ministry. They have 5 children and 11 grandchildren and live on the Space Coast of Florida.


  • Y-H-W-H (also called Jehovah and Yahweh by some) is the one and only God. He is the God of Israel as revealed in the Bible.
  • The Bible is divine truth and light. It is the inspired and actual Word of God, given to mankind through Israel.
  • The Church has not replaced Israel. God has one plan of Salvation for all people, Jew and gentile, and that plan is Yeshua (Jesus). Israel remains central to redemption.
  • The Bible is infallible as given by God in the original  documents. It has been supernaturally preserved. Whatever copyist errors may exist are minor
  • Jesus (Yeshua) is deity. He is 100% man and 100% God. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the Cross to atone and pay for our sins, and arose on the 3rd day to defeat death. He is alive today, living in Heaven, and will be returning in the near future.  No man knows the exact date of His return.
  • The Holy Spirit of God dwells within the Believer. We are neither God nor gods and never will be.
  • All humanity is separated from God by our sinful natures and the only way to a reconciled relationship with God is to trust Him, and this by submitting in faith to His Son, Jesus (Yeshua).
  • The Bible is a whole; it is sacred and indivisible. It is theological error to attempt to make one part of the Bible less relevant than another, or to imply that certain principles and patterns set down by The Lord are now obsolete or that He has changed. The ultimate context for each verse of Scripture is the entire Bible.
  • Israel is God’s chosen people. Israel is also the name for God’s set-apart land, promised to Abraham and his Hebrew descendants. Modern Israel and all the land God set aside for them as defined in the Holy Scriptures belongs to the Jewish people.
  • The Hebrews (Jews) are the elder brothers and sisters of our Christian faith and deserve our respect and love.
  • While God does make a physical distinction between Hebrew and gentile, He makes no spiritual distinction between His Jewish and gentile Believers.
  • The Old Testament is what Jesus and all of His disciples called The Scriptures or The Word. The Scriptures were used to present and demonstrate to Jews and gentiles the truth of the Gospel, as there was no New Testament until long after Jesus and all the Apostles and Disciples were deceased.
  • The Church is neither buildings nor institutions; it is people, the unified body of Believers that consists of BOTH Jewish and gentile Believers in Jesus Christ.
  • The Church is obligated to bless the remnant of Israel, the Jews, and to bring the Gospel message to all people in love, example, and deed. This is a Biblical command.
  • There are certain Biblical truths that cannot be logically or scientifically explained. Why God chose to do some of the things He did are mysteries to mankind. We choose to leave those mysterious things just as they are, accepting them as truth, without attempting allegorical explanations.  That acceptance is at the core of faith.

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