What Others Are Saying

Al J
What an eye-opening education on the true context of the Scriptures
Al L
Better than the expensive Christian University I attended
Barbara C
Found the TorahCLass link on Robin Sampson's site "I have learned more from that site (TorahClass.com)in the past few years than my whole life, 73 years, in church...because they go back to the original language word meanings and customs of the time so much is easier to understand in the New Testament."
Alice H
I listen every day...it is such a blessing to access the class from here (Minnesota). The whole Torah is coming alive...Mr. Bradford's explanation of the difference between Hebrew and Greek thinking is outstanding!"
Carlton E
I am about half way through Genesis and already have more insight into the Bible than I have in all my years in church."
Elizabeth S (lives in Scotland)
I have been doing the Torah Class for many months...I have learnt more in the past few months than in years and years of misinformation and misdirection from other christian sources.
Dee J
This resource is amazing! I've never come across anything so thorough yet understandable for the average person. I love it!"

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    Tom Bradford - 31-05-2020

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Libro de Los Hechos

El Libro de los Hechos esta disponible ahora bajo la columna de Español. Un estudio  detallado, versículo por versículo, del libro de Hechos. Es el puente entre el Antiguo y el Nuevo Testamento. Dirigido por Tom Bradford, este estudio bíblico nos lleva a muchas áreas diferentes de estudio que involucran tiempos bíblicos, costumbres, idiomas, cronología, eventos críticos, y una visión general de cómo la enseñanza se aplica a nosotros hoy en día. 


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