12th of Tamuz, 5784 | י״ב בְּתַמּוּז תשפ״ד

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Family of Five

Seed of Abraham Ministries

A Family of Five

Seed of Abraham Fellowship Logo

At Seed of Abraham Fellowship, we believe the life wasn’t meant to be done alone. Relationships develop and lives are changed as we gather together to connect and grow with one another and serve our community.

Holyland Market Place Logo

Holyland Marketplace is a retail store that imports products from Israel and sells them to help provide an income for Israeli families. We are faith-based and non-profit, with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Torah Class Logo

Torah Class is a non-denominational organization teaching the Torah and the Old Testament (Tanakh) from a Hebraic Heritage perspective so that we can apply that understanding to the New Testament and ultimately to our lives and personal relationship with the Lord.

Love Israel Logo

Love Israel Provides biblically-based teachings with an emphasis on the jewish context of scripture. We emphasize the original context and cultural sensitivities so that those of jewish descent might also appreciate the message of the Gospel.

Hope For Israel Logo

Hope for Israel is a discipleship and service-oriented ministry in the heart of Jerusalem Whose main aim is to bring the hope of Messiah back to Israel, Where it went forth over two thousand years ago.