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 Israel's Borders & Nationhood History


  A Generalized Summary of Events & Peoples

             by Gary Ridenour


(This article can be read in full with accompanying maps by opening the PDF file attached in "Read More")




This review of the history of Israel’s borders and nationhood and how Israel came to exist was initiated for personal reasons to help the author better understand the dynamics of how Israel arose from the many districts of the Ottoman Empire after its collapse after World War I, and then how the dynamics of the region’s peoples and world politics played a role in the formation of the borders, and thus the nation of Israel.


The paper can be described purely as a much generalized summary of many complicated events over thelast nearly 100 years. There are a number of significant events and situations that contributed to the formation of Israel, but their detail was avoided in order to ensure the focus was purely on the actual events that created the various configuration of Israel’s ‘official’ borders over this period. There are otherworks that go into far more detail, so if this paper peaks an interest, perhaps a visit to those many workswould be a valuable exercise.


Read More Israel's Borders and Nationhood History by Gary Ridenour


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