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 Mizrahi Nation

Long shut out of the country’s story, Middle Eastern Jews now make up half of Israel’s population, influencing its culture in surprising ways. Who are they?

By Matti Friedman


The story of Israel, as most people know it, is well trod—perhaps even tiresome by now. It begins with anti-Semitism in Europe and passes through Theodor Herzl, the Zionist pioneers, the kibbutz, socialism, the Holocaust, and the 1948 War of Independence. In the early decades of the return to Zion and the new state, the image of the Israeli was of a blond pioneer tilling the fields shirtless, or of an audience listening to Haydn in one of the new concert halls. Israel might have been located, for historical reasons, in the Middle East, but the new country was an outpost of Europe. Its story was a story about Europe...


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Moran Rosenblit of Hope for Israel in Jerusalem  will be speaking on important matters concerning Israel on Dec. 13th  6:30 p.m. service and        Dec. 14th  9 a.m. service.

Moran will also be speaking at Chapel by the Sea in Melbourne Beach on Dec. 10th at 5:30 pm.  

  8240 S Hwy A1A, Melbourne Beach , FL 32951     321 724-8721

 Hanukkah Fellowship Sat. Dec. 21ST  5:30 p.m.

Guest artists  ~                                          Jonathan Settel and Melissa Rosenblit    

covered dish dinner/sign up required/  Sign up  is CLOSED we are now at capacity              Details: ‪321-454-9322

Jan. 3rd , 6:30 pm. Sergeui and Helena Popov  from Finland will present a violin and dance concert at SOAF.     Admission is Free

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Sat.- 6pm-Scribes Corner - Gary Lambert teaching the Weekly Torah portion for children and adults,   and                              Tues. 7pm- topical lessons - Walking With Yahweh  

 New video lesson:  High Priest Garments pt2  -Find in Other Studies Videos


Tom's lessons on video   Many of Tom Bradford's Torah Class lessons are now on video under the Old Testament Studies tab

The Journey Through the Torah Class Series ebooks are also available in spiral bound, printed book form -                 Textbooks are $29.99 /Study Guides $19.99-

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