Bible Studies


Tom Bradford

Tom is our founder and Senior teacher. In addition to his business degree, he was an Egyptology and Archeology major at university. He has studied with learned rabbis in Israel and with Christian academics. His specialties are in-depth exegesis of the Old Testament and Bible history.

- Old Testament Studies
- New Testament Studies
- Topical Teachings
Rabbi Baruch

Baruch Korman holds a Ph.D. in Greek and in the Septuagint. A believer in Messiah, he lives in Israel, speaks Hebrew fluently, and has teaching videos in English and in Hebrew. He teaches both topically and exegetically.

- Bible Books
- Topical Teachings
Gary Lambert

Gary is a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. He teaches on topics that are applicable to every-day life. His unique teaching style lends itself especially well to those who are newer to Bible study.

- Topical Teachings
- Topical Series
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