9th of Tamuz, 5784 | ט׳ בְּתַמּוּז תשפ״ד

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Why Do I Have To Register?


To register just click on the login button at the top of the page or where ever you see it on the website, then click register now.



Registration is now required to use certain sections of the Torah Class website. Those sections are the OT and NT lessons.

Registration consists of using your valid email address and a password that you create. You are not asked to provide any personal information, not even your name. See REGISTRATION PROCEDURE at the bottom of this page for a step-by-step guide.

FREE! Everything at Torah Class.com remains FREE!

Registering incurs no cost to you whatsoever.

We are requiring registration because:

  1. Hackers and computer generated attacks, especially from foreign countries, are on the increase. We have been dealing with this more and more at Torah Class.com and want to make sure that we stay on the air with a minimum of down time.
  2. We will be adding features to Torah Class over time and want to get word to our users as they come available.
  3. Communication is important. We want to keep you apprised of upcoming events, tours, ministry updates, and more. Not only for Torah Class but for all the Seed of Abraham ministries. Many Torah Class users access lessons via Podcasting and so don’t regularly see what’s new on the Website. An occasional email that we send will allow you to stay current and stay informed.

What happens if you elect not to register? You will still be able to access other areas of Torah Class website, but NOT the OT and NT lessons.

Can you unsubscribe later? YES! Anytime you want to stop receiving emails from us, you can immediately unsubscribe. However you will lose access to the OT and NT lessons.

Will other parties see or use our list of registered users? NO! We are committed to protect your privacy. Only Seed of Abraham will see these email addresses and communicate with you. We pledge that we will not divulge, loan, sell, rent, or in any way let others have access to your email address.

How often might you receive an email from us? You will not be flooded with emails from Seed of Abraham. You will never receive more than 2 emails in a week, and usually fewer.



Step 1)   Click on Log-in at the top right of the Homepage.

Step 2)   Click on Register Now.

Step 3)   The Create An Account page pops-up. Enter you actual email address and enter a password (create your own password). Click the small, square check box that saysI agree to Registration terms and email opt-in.Then click REGISTER.       ****WARNING: if you do not check the box, you will be blocked from registering*****  

Step 4) Your registration is completed and your account is active ! You do not ever have to register again.

Step 5) From here forward each time that you come to Torahclass.com, click on Log-in, enter the email and password you registered with, and all of the Torah Class lessons will be accessible for FREE.

You may always email to [email protected] if you accomplish all of the above and still have trouble registering.