12th of Tamuz, 5784 | י״ב בְּתַמּוּז תשפ״ד

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The new Messianic Facility in the Greater Tel Aviv area has been opened and consecrated, and Rabbi Baruch’s congregation is now meeting there!


There is nothing else like this facility and the work going on within it in all of Israel and we want to again commend you and express our gratitude to the hundreds that gave towards making this building a reality. There will be monthly ongoing expenses for the building management that include taxes, electricity, A/C, and common area maintenance. You can help the local congregation to pay for this by directly by donating to www.loveisrael.org, which is Rabbi Baruch’s ministry in Israel.


Here are some recent photos. At the end of November a tour group led by Tom Bradford, Rabbi Baruch, and Moran Rosenblit came with people from Alaska, the continental USA, Europe and Japan to view the newly opened Messianic Facility.


Photo 1


Here you see just a few of the 50 people who are in the facility listening to Rabbi Baruch.


Photo 2


This is a view looking towards the rear of the facility that overlooks the Mediterranean. There is room for at least 30 more people to sit comfortably than the 50 who were there at the time of the photo. You will notice that there are many windows and work is underway to get appropriate window coverings to soften the glare and to help deal with summer heat load.



Photo 3


Some of the lovely solid-wood cabinets with sinks can be seen here. The room has two separately controlled over-sized A/C units for summertime use.


Photo 4


This is the small stage riser for the speaker to stand on. A very good sound system has been installed and it works beautifully, involving powered speakers and monitors, wired and wireless mics, and a sound board. The blank wall behind the riser will soon have a projection screen. The LCD projector has been purchased and will be installed very soon.


We ask you to pray without ceasing for the people of Israel to know their Messiah. It is the entire purpose of this Messianic Facility to bring the good news to the Jewish people that the Lord loves them and has never forgotten about them, and to do so in a Jewish context in the Hebrew language.  They remain His chosen people and precious treasure. Let all Believers join together to obey the Lord’s commandment to comfort His people.



Tom and Becky Bradford